Five Simple Tips in Effectively Managing Multiple Projects

In my previous non-blogging life, I handled multiple lines of business, reporting to different people and having a lot of people report under me. The immense variety of projects I was handling at that time was insane and sometimes I find myself too exhausted at the end of the day.

Now after leaving my employed life in pursuit of self-employment, I’m currently managing three blogs and three niche sites as of the moment with the intention to build more as I go along.

Managing multiple projects is really exhausting and in some cases even leads to losses instead of gain. You get swayed in almost all directions and loses focus on achieving the main goal.

Years of being exposed in handling multiple projects eventually honed me to become better at it (I hope) and I’d like to pass on what I’ve learned.

Five Simple Tips in Effectively Managing Multiple Projects

Here are my Five Simple Tips in Effectively Managing Multiple Projects:

1. Action Plan – Have a clear cut action plan on what you want to achieve and how you will achieve them in a particular time frames. Each project should have their own action plan especially if those projects are entirely not related to each other.

2. Use Tools – Use a notepad to jot down your daily or weekly deliverables and to do’s. Use MS Excel to plot and trend your performance. Tools are created to make life easier so you better use them. If you feel that they make your life more complicated then find simpler tools that will fit your needs.

3. Prioritize – Different projects have different significance to you (if you’re self employed) and to your organization (if you’re employed). Identify the priorities for the day and do them first.

4. Eliminate Distraction – Allot a specific time for each task and focus on them until you finish it. If you’re a blogger like me, closing down FB and Twitter while writing your articles will help you finish your work early. If you’re working in an office, politely declining small chats during the hours you allotted in accomplishing a certain task will definitely help.

5. Take a Break – Regardless of how busy you are, do not forget to take a break, eat lunch or snack and hydrate by drinking juice or coffee. A stressed mind will often lead to burn out and productivity loss.

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  1. guilty ako sa lahat 5 yan flip..haha! dumating pa yung point na yung boss ko eh binigyan ako ng sticky notes para daw hindi ako makalimot sa mga gagawin ko..haha!

  2. this is my weakness,i wish I am as disciplined as you are. but i think lately mejo natututo na ako. i’ve learned to let go of FB and Twitter while working and i gave away my phones para walang distraction. 2 months na ako walang telepono. lol anyway, thanks for sharing really helpful tips here. keep ’em coming pls! :)

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